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Summer HVAC Tips from AC Dave Heating & Air
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Now that summer is heating up, you’ll want to begin your seasonal preparations for your HVAC if you haven’t already. Specifically, you’ll want to get your air conditioner – whether it’s a central, portable, or window A/C unit – ready with our useful tips for summer ready HVAC.

The following tips will not only keep you from overheating this summer, but they’ll also keep your bank account from overheating from high energy bills.

It’s important to make sure that your air conditioner will be up to the task when you need to crank it up to full blast on those sweltering summer days. Schedule an annual tune-up for your air conditioner and have a professional perform preventative maintenance, check the refrigerant levels, and take care of any mechanical problems your unit might have. Even if your air conditioner seems to be in perfect working order, it might have small problems that can lead to large utility bills, not to mention even larger repair bills should those small problems turn into big ones.

Replace the air filter

At the start of the cooling season, check the air filter in the furnace and replace it if it’s dirty. Then check it every month that you run the air conditioner (and the furnace, for that matter) and if it is dirty replace it with a new filter. A dirty air filter blocks airflow, making your HVAC system work harder.

Clean the condenser coils

Cleaning the condenser coils makes it easier for the air conditioner to remove heat from the air, which also helps the condenser use less energy. Ideally, taking care of this job before the air-conditioning season starts.

First, turn off the AC inside the thermostat. Then shut off the condenser—look for a metal box attached to the outside of the house near the AC’s condenser unit and switch it to the off position. Some models have a block to remove instead of a switch. Then remove dried leaves, overgrown vegetation, and other clutter on and near the condenser unit.

Next, use a garden hose without a spray attachment to gently rinse the condenser coils with water. Avoid the electrical connections on the back. Flush the space between the coils too. Keep the water pressure low, or you could bend the fins. Turn the condenser on. Allow ample time for the coils to dry before turning on the AC inside the thermostat completely.

Check the insulation on the freon line

A freon line connects the evaporator on the air handler to the condenser outside. If the foam insulation that covers the line is torn, contact AC Dave Heating & Air to replace the insulation. 

Shut off the furnace humidifier

If your furnace is equipped with a humidifier, turn off the humidifier. Your air conditioner helps keep you cool by removing humidity from your house—so you don’t want the humidifier attached to your furnace to be pumping moisture into the air If your humidifier doesn’t have an on/off switch, move the damper door lever to the Cool position, which reroutes the cool air, so it doesn’t go through it.

You don’t want the first time you use the unit to be when it’s already sweltering hot outside. While the weather is still somewhat cool, do a few test runs with your unit. That way, you’ll be able to diagnose any issues before you really need the extra cooling power.

If you’re not comfortable doing any of the above steps or something not working, right? Need help getting your AC ready for warm weather? Keep your cool and let our experts handle it, call AC Dave Heating & Air at 661-270-1961 to schedule your appointment today.


Need First Rate HVAC Services


We often don’t think about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems – at least until they break. It then becomes clear how vital these systems are for keeping indoor spaces comfortable. Your HVAC system is probably the most expensive system in your home, so if you need a new one, it’s important to choose the right company.

AC Dave Heating & Air is a full-service HVAC company offering professional heating and cooling solutions to customers since 2006 throughout the San Fernando Valley,  Antelope Valley, W. Los Angeles, Lakes, and Valleys communities. What’s more, we are proud to be referred by many of our customers, time and time again.

Is your HVAC system in need of a tune-up or pre-paid maintenance plan? Or perhaps you are in the market for a new commercial unit? Rely on AC Dave Heating & Air for expert recommendations and installation services.

Below is a partial list of our HVAC services with an emphasis on  meeting  your needs:

    • Charging HVAC systems
    • System recovery
    • System evacuation
    • Climate control
    • Duct installation, replacement, sealing, and repair
    • Ductless split system installation and repair
    • Energy-efficient system
    • Rebates
    • Evaporative cooler repair
    • Financing available through KwikComfort Financing
    • Furnace installation, service, and repair
    • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning design
    • Install and repair dampers
    • Propane furnace installation, service, and repair
    • Quality products at an affordable price
    • Replace circuit board
    • Service agreements
    • Wine coolers installation and service
    • Compressor service and replacement
    • Strip heater installation and repair
    • Thermostat installation, replacement, and repair
    • Warranty on our work
    • iWave air purifiers
    • Wifi thermostats

Furthermore, we will care for your family’s heating and cooling system like it is our own. Lastly, whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or the system has failed, and you need a replacement, AC Dave Heating & Air can help. Call 661-270-1961 to schedule one of our Nate certified technicians.


Helpful Information Helpful information Tips

Spring is Here & Allergies Too!

Spring Is Here and Allergies Too!

iWave’s technology generates the same ions that nature creates with lightning, waterfalls, ocean waves, etc. Nature uses energy and shear to break apart molecules, naturally cleaning the air and producing a healthy environment. The only difference between the iWave’s technology and nature is that the iWave does it without developing harmful ozone.

When the ions come in contact with viruses, bacteria or mold, they remove the hydrogen molecules – without them, the pathogens have no source of energy.

We’re all looking for ways to protect our homes and businesses from COVID-19 has changed our lives dramatically and in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, The iWave Air Purifier had been proven to fight many types of coronavirus long before our lives were disrupted by COVID-19. Now, an independent lab has reported that the iWave may inactivate the virus which causes COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2.

Contact us for more details: 661 270 1961





Has Spring Sprung?

While there are some important spring HVAC maintenance tasks you can take on yourself, many others can only be safely performed by a professional. Call AC Dave heating & Air to schedule your Spring check.
Airflow within your home:
Replace the filter. If you do not know where your system’s air filter is, or how to replace it, ask your HVAC pro to show you.
(Here at AC Dave Heating & Air, we replace your filters as part of our maintenance agreement.) Then, change your filters regularly. How often depends on your system and the type of filters your use. When in doubt, change them out every 6 months.
NOTE: A dirty filter can reduce efficiency, increase operating costs and damage your system.
To schedule your AC’s Spring check-up, please call us at: 661 270 1961
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AC Dave Heating & Air
commitment to quality customer service

It may not be here, but you know it’s on the way…

As we enjoy a week of cooler weather, we know that summer is around the corner. so how can you prepare for soaring temperatures that are on the way?

6 Ways to Prep Your HVAC System for Spring and Summer
  1. Remove Any Condenser Covers. …
  2. Change the Air Filters. …
  3. Clean All Supply Vents and Registers. …
  4. Test the Thermostat. …
  5. Turn On the System. …
  6. Schedule Your HVAC System Maintenance.

AC Dave Heating & Air are now opening our schedules to get you ready for Summer. Call to get your appointment now!

661 270 1961

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Thermostat doesn’t turn on / thermostat screen is blank

This two-week informational topic will discuss the most common 8 reasons why your thermostat is not working, whether that be that it’s not turning on or that the screen is blank.


Incorrect thermostat setting: If the thermostat has been turned off, its display will be blank. Thermostats should be left on throughout the year rather than being turned off, but accidental adjustments are possible. Verify this setting and ensure the thermostat itself is on.

Dead Batteries: Check your batteries often to ensure this is not the issue. Without batteries, the thermostat cannot turn on or control the heating unit.

No electrical Power: Some thermostats are hardwired and powered by the home’s electrical system. A tripped breaker or blown fuse in the electrical panel may prevent the thermostat from receiving power. Resetting the power or replacing the blown fuse will correct this issue.

Loose Wiring: If thermostat wiring becomes loose, its operation may be disrupted. An HVAC technician here at AC Daves Heating and Air is able to identify issues with wiring and electrical connections within the thermostat/ Sometimes these issues are repairable, while other times it may be necessary to replace the thermostat.

Please make sure you always put your HVAC system in the hands of a licensed Technician. Call us if you need assistance. TEL: 661 270 1961.  LIC # 877683




Furnace Filter become clogged faster than Usual… Part3

High levels of indoor contaminants:

High levels of indoor air pollutants create a bigger burden for furnace filters and they become clogged much faster. Filters typically don’t last as long in homes with indoor pets or where indoor smoking takes place. Weatherizing the home to prevent winter heat loss traps contaminants indoors which can increase this issue.

If you haven’t changed your winter filters out yet, you may want to start thinking about it soon. If you are unsure what filters you need, or you would prefer a professional Licensed HVAC company to come out and do a service call, please call us here at AC Dave Heating & Air. We are here to serve.

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If you know that your HVAC system, may not be in the best condition, you may consider investing your Tax Refund into replacing or upgrading your HVAC system!

Higher efficiency units may cost a little more, but can result in more rebates, incentives. Government agencies and power companies want to encourage the use of higher efficiency equipment to help reduce power consumption. Incentive, by way of direct rebates, tax credits or tax reductions (depending on your geographic location) may be offered as a reward.

TIP: Incentives are usually tied to efficiency ratings and performance. The efficiency of AC units is measured by “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating” or “SEER”, while heat pumps are measured by “Heating Seasonal Performance Factor” or “HSPF’ or “HERS”. A higher “SEER” or “HSPF / HERS” rating, signifies higher efficiency.

As April falls into May, the housing market also starts to pick up. So another good reason to update, or at least get your system checked over, is because, it’s one less thing to worry about if selling your home. Alternatively, if purchasing, make sure the HVAC system of your new home is inspected by a LICENSED HVAC Specialist.

Call us for more information or to schedule a BID: 661 270 1961  LIC #877683



Regularly scheduled maintenance by a LICENSED service contractor is a MUST to keep your system in proper working order. Many of the most common Heating & cooling system repairs can be avoided with proper maintenance by a certified service contractor. You have likely invested thousands of dollars in your home heating and cooling system, so why not protect that investment? If you neglect to perform regular maintenance you will most likely experience unexpected and costly breakdowns, increased energy costs, poor performance, and frustration. Let’s face it; Living in California can be uncomfortable in the Winter and Summer months, so why wouldn’t you want your heat and cooling source to be in tip top condition?

Protect your investment, and gain peace of mind. Call AC Dave Heating & Air to have one of our Licensed HVAC service team inspect your system today!
Tel: 661 270 1961 LIC#877683


The Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling March 28

How to fix it: An air conditioner that is running but isn’t cooling is one of the most common problems. Unfortunately, it has a number of potential causes. It could be a dirty air filter, low refrigerant level, or a blocked condensate drain. You can also check for ice around the coils or a dirty outdoor compressor. Or, you may need to add more coolant to your system. Another problem: it may simply be too hot outside to cool your home to your liking. Most air conditioners can only cool to about 20 degrees lower than outside air temperatures.

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