Common Problems with your cooling system March 21

The problem: Your air conditioner isn’t coming on at all.

How to fix it: An air conditioner that simply won’t come on may indicate a problem with the thermostat. Set your thermostat to cool and bump down the temperature setting, then check your electrical panel for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Check for issues in the power supply by looking at wires. You can also check your furnace power switch and thermostat for any problems.

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Common cooling system problems March 14


An air conditioner that isn’t working properly is a major problem, particularly in the hot summer months. It can cripple your home, and if it’s hot enough, even require you to spend the night elsewhere. It’s important to properly maintain your air conditioning system with cleaning, air filter changing, inspections, and other essential maintenance, but even the best-maintained units will sometimes go awry. Read on to find out what the most common air conditioner problems are — and how you can fix them.

The problem: Air isn’t coming out of the registers.

How to fix it: If no air is coming out, the fan on the outside unit may not be running. Believe it or not, this is an easy problem you want to have, as it typically means that the breaker is simply tripped and needs to be reset. Or you may have another easy problem: the blower belt, which will simply need to be replaced. Other causes include a problem with your thermostat, control board, or wiring. Your condensate pump reservoir may be full as well.

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20 Most Common Winter Heating System Problems March 7

The furnace filter becomes clogged faster than usual 

Air filters need to be replaced on a regular basis, as filters become clogged with contaminants pulled from circulating air. It is normal for filters to require more frequent replacement during the winter months due to increased heating system operation – however, abnormal issues may cause your filter to become clogged sooner, requiring replacement much earlier than expected. It is recommended to replace your filter a minimum of twice a year.

  • The blower fan is set to ON. When the fan is set to ON at the thermostat, the blower runs continuously. As air constantly circulates through the HVAC system, it completes more passes through the filter, and the filter fills with contaminants at a faster rate. Turning the fan to AUTO is a furnace troubleshooting step that can help filters last longer.
  • Duct leaks. Duct leaks allow more contaminants into the indoor air supply from the unconditioned areas surrounding the ductwork. With more contaminants in the air, the filter will fill faster as air circulates.
  • Dirt accumulation near return air vents. The home’s return air vents feed indoor air back to the heating system for conditioning. Accumulation of dirt on or around the return air vent introduces more contaminants to the air supply and forces the filter to fill at a faster rate in order to keep them out of the heating system.

High levels of indoor contaminants. High levels of indoor air pollutants create a bigger burden for furnace filters and they become clogged much faster. Filters typically don’t last as long in homes with indoor pets or where indoor smoking takes place. Weatherizing the home to prevent winter heat loss traps contaminants indoors, which can increase concentrations of indoor air contaminants.

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20 most common Winter Heating System Problems Feb 28 2022

The heating system shuts off shortly after coming on. Feb 28, 2022
Heating equipment typically cycles for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. When the system starts up and shuts down again within a minute or two, this issue is known as short cycling. Short cycling has many causes – despite its cause, this issue causes damage to the HVAC equipment along with discomfort in the home, leading to higher heating bills and more frequent system repair needs.
1. Thermostat malfunction.
Faulty electrical connections, dirty temperature sensors, improper location of the device, or even an unlevel older mercury model are all issues that cause short cycling stemming from the thermostat. Gentle cleaning of sensors, recalibration, repositioning, or replacement may be used to solve these issues.
2. Improper thermostat anticipator calibration.
Some older manual thermostats have adjustable heat anticipators which warm up the interior of the thermostat in order to prematurely end a heating cycle. This is done in anticipation of residual heat in the ducts, allowing it to reach the living areas while avoiding overheating the space. Improper calibration of the anticipator can end heat cycles too early, causing short cycling. They can be adjusted, or the entire thermostat can be upgraded.
3. Overheating can be caused by poor airflow.
Dirty air filters and closed room vents restrict airflow through the furnace, which causes interior components to overheat. The furnace’s limit switch shuts down operation when internal temperatures are too high for safe operation. Replace the furnace filter and check all room vents to ensure they are fully open. A blocked flue pipe can also cause furnace overheating – blockages must be found and cleared not only to prevent short-cycling but possible carbon monoxide exposure in the home.
4. Faulty Flame Sensor In Furnace.
The flame sensor detects the presence of a flame when the furnace’s gas valve is open, working to prevent dangerous gas leaks and explosions. When it becomes dirty from soot, it may not detect the flame and the system shuts down shortly after starting as a safety measure. The existing sensor can be cleaned or replaced if broken, as corrosion is a common cause of damage to the component.
5. Faulty furnace draft inducer motor.
Many newer furnaces feature a draft inducer motor that exhausts combustion gases leftover from the prior heating cycle. If its air pressure switch does not detect proper airflow through the heat exchanger, it shuts the furnace down as a safety measure. This malfunction may be caused by an obstructed flue pipe or a fault in the pressure switch or the motor itself.
6. Oversized heating equipment.
When a heating system is installed that is too big for the home, it produces larger amounts of heat fast – this is not a good thing. Air heats up quickly, and the thermostat shuts down the heating cycle once the set temperature is detected. Repetitive short cycles wear out components, leading to higher energy consumption and more equipment breakdowns. Replacement is the only solution.
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20 most common winter heating system problems Feb 21

 Heating System Does Not Ignite: 
When the thermostat is properly powered and correctly set, the furnace should activate once the set temperature is reached. The thermostat triggers the furnace’s ignition system, which ignites the burners to start the heating process. If the furnace doesn’t ignite, the home receives no heat.
The pilot light is out.
Furnaces over 10 years old are often equipped with standing pilot ignition systems that utilize a constant burning pilot light. If the pilot light goes out, heating fuel is not ignited. The furnace’s owner’s manual typically includes instructions for relighting the pilot light. However, if the pilot continues to go out, check for nearby drafts. If no drafts are to blame for extinguishing the pilot, the cause may be a faulty thermocouple, which may be corrected through cleaning of the component or replacement. A bad gas regulator could be causing fuel supply issues with multiple gas appliances in the home. Contact your utility providers for immediate assistance.
Electronic ignition is dirty.
Accumulation of carbon on electric ignitors can prevent proper ignition of the furnace. A repetitive clicking noise usually occurs, which indicates the ignitor is not working correctly. Careful cleaning is needed to remove carbon. This is a fragile component, so if you feel uncomfortable doing this, please call our office at 661 270 1961.
Cracked hot surface ignitor element.
If the hot surface ignitor’s heating element has cracked, the furnace will not ignite. Typically, this component has a service life of three to five years and requires periodic replacement, though it may fail sooner when exposed to improper handling or short cycling. Careful homeowners may be able to replace this component, or you can call AC Dave Heating & Air and we can get the job done.
Damaged ignitor.
Ignitors sustain damage due to wear and tear, occasionally requiring replacement. To diagnose a damaged ignitor, a multimeter is used. Depending on the type of ignitor and ignition system, replacement may be a complex task and should be left to a licensed HVAC professional.
The wrong ignitor was installed.
Improper furnace installation can lead to the wrong type of ignitor being put into use. An ignitor that requires incorrect voltage can cause the ignition system to fail. Furnace troubleshooting includes replacing the component with the proper part for the furnace’s ignition.
Malfunctioning limit switch.
When operating normally, the limit switch shuts off the ignitor when the furnace reaches high temperatures. If the limit switch malfunctions, it may unnecessarily impede ignition. Poor airflow and dirty filters may also cause the ignition to be shut down prematurely by the limit switch (Replacing filters can prevent this issue and correct overheating). If the limit switch is damaged, it needs to be replaced.
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AC Dave Heating & Air supports a local non-profit

Hello to you, our community.
As some of you may know, our world was turned upside down in 2014, when our oldest daughter, was tragically killed by a semi-truck, when it veered onto the shoulder of the road, striking Brianna, and killing her instantly.
Brianna had been struggling with addiction for many years, with windows of sobriety. She got sober while carrying her one and only child, Daniel, and continued her sobriety, as she breastfed him for the first 6 months of his life until his reflux made it medically necessary for her to stop. But gradually, the darkness became too much, and once again she stumbled back into bad habits, mixed with old influencers.
It is believed that it was on one of these unfortunate occasions, that Brianna made a bad choice, and took a lift with someone, and ended up in the desert. She was seen walking along highway 138. Police had noted her presence and stopped to ask if she was ok. She had apparently told them, that she was fine. Just a few hours later, she was deceased.
As a family, we often ask, if we did enough? That is a question that lives with us always.
We now raise her autistic son and provide him with everything he needs to grow into a valued member of society. And it’s because of what happened to Brianna, we made it our mission to help as many families, living in sobriety, as we can.
Every year, leading up to the two main holidays of the year, BBMS, (which stands for “Brianna Brandy Millard Smith Happy Children Memorial Scholarship Fund”) collects a variety of goods, to gift families who are LIVING SOBER. Last year (2020), we were able to supply 11 families with care packages consisting of: Food, softly used or new clothes and toys, and other products to get them through Thanksgiving and Christmas. This brought the families hope and those who donated, a lot of joy when they saw the pictures of the children’s faces light up with glee.
This past year has been hard on all of us, and with the cost of living on the increase, our goal is to at least match the donations we received last year. If some of you are moving, or downsizing, please keep us in mind if you are purging your belongings. That box of old, but barely played with toys, could bring so much happiness to another family. When you go to the store, add a can here, or boxed cereal there. Every item counts.
Your kind donations can make the difference between holidays, where these families feel your love, compared with one filled with sorrow, loneliness, and the illusion of being unseen.
To make things easy for you, here is a list of items that are always needed (and some that are overlooked):
Everyone donates Kraft Mac & Cheese, which is rarely used because it needs milk & butter (A luxury in some houses).
Canned boxed milk can be a treasure, as kids need it for cereal.
They cannot eat all the awesome canned veggies & soup unless you put a can opener in there somewhere.
Cooking oil is a luxury and can be used for many things including Rice a Roni.
Spices, salt n pepper also make great holiday gifts.
Teabags and coffee can make a family feel like they are cared for.
Sugar and flour are a treat.
Fresh produce (closer to the Holiday dates) is awesome.
Seeds are cool, as they can plant and grow their own food.
Fresh meat is also a rare gift and best delivered to us, a day or so before a major holiday, but Tuna and ground beef can also make a handsome feast.
Cake mixes and the frosting are always greeted with wide eyes, especially if you can spare eggs, butter, or margarine.
Cleaning products, feminine hygiene products, are always needed and possibly overlooked.
A small body care collection for the Mother/ Grandmother or Teenage daughter can be a beautiful thing.
This list of suggestions was put together by someone who asked what the families needed, not what we all assumed they wanted.
If you can help, please contact Laurie Millard via Tel: 661 904 5956 or send an email to:
And lastly, you may be a family living in sobriety or know of one, please reach out to us so we can start customizing packages, taking into consideration cloth sizes, shoe sizes, and other items that we may have missed.
We would like to thank you in advance. We know this community is something special and always surprises us when they find a good cause to get their teeth into.
For Donation drop off or pick up call: 661 904 5956


Let’s have some fun and raise some $$
Get your cameras and cellphones out. For the next 3 weeks, we are having a pet contest. There is a $10.00 donation per pet per category.
Weekly prize in each category $50.00 gift card to Petsmart, Petco, or Amazon
Categories are:

The 1st week March 8-12
Cutest puppy
Prettiest female
Most handsome male
2nd week March 15-19
Most appealing eyes
Goofiest fur baby
Waggiest tail3rd week March 22-26
Best rescue dog
Cutest siblings
Gorgeous senior

A Grand prize of $250.00 will be awarded on March 30, 2021
To enter:
Send your $10.00 donation To
Venmo: Laurie Millard@bbmshappychildren
FB Donation:…

Post your photo or one minute video on BBMS Happy Children Fur Champ group
Instagram- Instagram/bbmshappychildren

Vote on your favorite entry
Don’t forget to share to get the most votes.
The photo/video with the most votes wins!
In case of a tie, judges will make the final deciding vote.

All funds raised will go toward families in recovery this 2021 holiday season.
For more information, go to

BBMS Happy Children Memorial Scholarship Fund, Corp.
BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund is a 501(c)3

AC Dave gives back

AC Dave Heating & Air was proud to be a sponsor of BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund, BBQ Fundraiser. Thank you to our sponsors who helped support us, Aquarium of the Pacific, In N Out, Green Valley Market, Spunky Cyn Market, Papa’s, Island Packers, Code 7 Ministries, and Dark Goddess Industries. Thank you to the community of the Lakes and Valleys, friends, and families that came out to help us raise funds for our charity. We raised over $1000.00!  Looking forward to seeing you next year!

Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 outbreak, our fundraiser for 2020 was canceled, however, we were able to raise $400.00 with a no-contact raffle. Prizes included In N Out, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, and Costco gift cards. Thank you for your support.

BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund BBQ Fundraiser Sponsors

Thank you for helping to make our event a success!

BBMS BBQ Fundraiser 2019
Code 7 Glenn Connell
Green Valley Market
Dark Goddess Ind.

BBMS BBQ Entertainment 2019
In N Out
Spunky Cyn Market Green Valley, CA
Aquarium of the Pacific
AC Dave
AC Dave

​7 Summer Maintenance Tips For Your HVAC System

While the sun is up, you want to stay indoors and let your air conditioner cool you all day. Surely, you do not want to skip a second without feeling the cool air on your skin. To stay this way this summer, you must learn how to make your HVAC system ready for the heatwave. Here are seven (7) easy and simple maintenance tips from AC Dave Heating & Air that you should not miss.
1.Thermostat Keeping your thermostat in shape is one way of optimizing the performance of your HVAC system this summer. If you wish to customize your home’s temperature based on your individual comfort needs, a programmable thermostat can do the job. While it lets you save money on the energy bill, a smart thermostat also prevents your A/C unit from premature damage during the hot season.
2. Filter Check your air filters periodically. If you see any sign of dirt buildup, then replace it as needed. Air filters should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned to allow cool and clean air to circulate throughout the house. Take note, clogged filters due to dirt leads to poor airflow, health issues, and other problems.
3. Outdoor Unit Do not neglect to check your outdoor unit. Make sure that it is free from any blockage or debris that can make it difficult for the system to pull in air. Remove any unwanted plant or shrubbery that grows close to it and make it completely clean.
4. DuctworkWalk around the house and inspect your ductwork. See to it that there are no obstructions to the passage of air. Now, you want to make sure that it is clean, so you have to bring in the experts for the work. Your system has to have clean ducts to work at the optimized performance.

5. Tune-up A routine tune-up and maintenance are necessary to your HVAC system. As the temperature rises, your system works harder to provide your comfort needs. In return, do it a favor by scheduling a tune-up service regularly.
6. InspectionSurely, you want to keep your system in good condition all year round, especially during these warm months. Well, a professional HVAC inspection does it for you. Upon the visit of your local technician, you may ask questions and ideas on how to help your system operate efficiently.
7. DrainageJust like how you take care of your outdoor unit, you should also clear your drainage hole of dirt and blockages. It is easy to clean the hole so you can do it yourself. But, for better results, leave the job to the professionals. Do not let the heat crack your cool just because your air conditioner has blown out. Prevent your HVAC system from malfunctioning this summer with these maintenance tips.

If you are more comfortable with professionals taking care of your system call AC Dave Heating & Air 661-270-1961.