Let’s have some fun and raise some $$
Get your cameras and cellphones out. For the next 3 weeks, we are having a pet contest. There is a $10.00 donation per pet per category.
Weekly prize in each category $50.00 gift card to Petsmart, Petco, or Amazon
Categories are:

The 1st week March 8-12
Cutest puppy
Prettiest female
Most handsome male
2nd week March 15-19
Most appealing eyes
Goofiest fur baby
Waggiest tail3rd week March 22-26
Best rescue dog
Cutest siblings
Gorgeous senior

A Grand prize of $250.00 will be awarded on March 30, 2021
To enter:
Send your $10.00 donation To
Venmo: Laurie Millard@bbmshappychildren
FB Donation:…

Post your photo or one minute video on BBMS Happy Children Fur Champ group
Instagram- Instagram/bbmshappychildren

Vote on your favorite entry
Don’t forget to share to get the most votes.
The photo/video with the most votes wins!
In case of a tie, judges will make the final deciding vote.

All funds raised will go toward families in recovery this 2021 holiday season.
For more information, go to

BBMS Happy Children Memorial Scholarship Fund, Corp.
BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund is a 501(c)3

AC Dave gives back

AC Dave Heating & Air was proud to be a sponsor of BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund, BBQ Fundraiser. Thank you to our sponsors who helped support us, Aquarium of the Pacific, In N Out, Green Valley Market, Spunky Cyn Market, Papa’s, Island Packers, Code 7 Ministries, and Dark Goddess Industries. Thank you to the community of the Lakes and Valleys, friends, and families that came out to help us raise funds for our charity. We raised over $1000.00!  Looking forward to seeing you next year!

Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 outbreak, our fundraiser for 2020 was canceled, however, we were able to raise $400.00 with a no-contact raffle. Prizes included In N Out, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, and Costco gift cards. Thank you for your support.

BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund BBQ Fundraiser Sponsors

Thank you for helping to make our event a success!

BBMS BBQ Fundraiser 2019
Code 7 Glenn Connell
Green Valley Market
Dark Goddess Ind.

BBMS BBQ Entertainment 2019
In N Out
Spunky Cyn Market Green Valley, CA
Aquarium of the Pacific
AC Dave
AC Dave

​7 Summer Maintenance Tips For Your HVAC System

While the sun is up, you want to stay indoors and let your air conditioner cool you all day. Surely, you do not want to skip a second without feeling the cool air on your skin. To stay this way this summer, you must learn how to make your HVAC system ready for the heatwave. Here are seven (7) easy and simple maintenance tips from AC Dave Heating & Air that you should not miss.
1.Thermostat Keeping your thermostat in shape is one way of optimizing the performance of your HVAC system this summer. If you wish to customize your home’s temperature based on your individual comfort needs, a programmable thermostat can do the job. While it lets you save money on the energy bill, a smart thermostat also prevents your A/C unit from premature damage during the hot season.
2. Filter Check your air filters periodically. If you see any sign of dirt buildup, then replace it as needed. Air filters should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned to allow cool and clean air to circulate throughout the house. Take note, clogged filters due to dirt leads to poor airflow, health issues, and other problems.
3. Outdoor Unit Do not neglect to check your outdoor unit. Make sure that it is free from any blockage or debris that can make it difficult for the system to pull in air. Remove any unwanted plant or shrubbery that grows close to it and make it completely clean.
4. DuctworkWalk around the house and inspect your ductwork. See to it that there are no obstructions to the passage of air. Now, you want to make sure that it is clean, so you have to bring in the experts for the work. Your system has to have clean ducts to work at the optimized performance.

5. Tune-up A routine tune-up and maintenance are necessary to your HVAC system. As the temperature rises, your system works harder to provide your comfort needs. In return, do it a favor by scheduling a tune-up service regularly.
6. InspectionSurely, you want to keep your system in good condition all year round, especially during these warm months. Well, a professional HVAC inspection does it for you. Upon the visit of your local technician, you may ask questions and ideas on how to help your system operate efficiently.
7. DrainageJust like how you take care of your outdoor unit, you should also clear your drainage hole of dirt and blockages. It is easy to clean the hole so you can do it yourself. But, for better results, leave the job to the professionals. Do not let the heat crack your cool just because your air conditioner has blown out. Prevent your HVAC system from malfunctioning this summer with these maintenance tips.

If you are more comfortable with professionals taking care of your system call AC Dave Heating & Air 661-270-1961.