What could go wrong after a black out or Rolling Brown out?

What could go wrong after a blackout or Rolling Brownout?


Most of us sat in the darkness for a few hours on Monday – But is that where our trouble ended? Let AC Dave explain. What could go wrong after a black out or Rolling Brown out?

Everything electrical stopped working

Rumor has it, a fire caused the Power Outage that affected over 900 homes last week. So out came the candles, the flashlights, the conversations around the table, and off went the TVs, the computers, and the gaming systems. Kids were even spotted playing outside in the warmth of the summer evening (Shocker!).

Some of us enjoyed the serenity of the stillness, while others were completely lost and unable to understand what life was like before it got too complicated thanks – to advanced technology.

But once the power was restored, and everything returned to normal, an underlying issue occurred for some households… Their cooling systems were no longer working. AC Dave Heating & Air would like to offer some troubleshooting ideas to help navigate whether or not the problems are due to the outage.

What could go wrong after a “Blackout”, “Power Outage” or “Rolling Brownout” and what are the differences between the three?

Just energy explains this in more detail, but here is a quick breakdown :Rolling blackouts are an emergency procedure that power grid operators use to balance the power supply in a specific region. Unlike power outages caused by physical damage to power lines or power plantsrolling blackouts are usually temporary and intended to minimize the impact on local electricity consumers. Finally, a Rolling Brownout is a dip in power, only lasting a few moments.

Any one of these events can, and often does disrupt your HVAC/EVAP systems. So AC Dave Heating & Air wants you to go through this simple check, in the hopes of saving you a Call Out fee.

Check your breakers & fuses.

If the fan/condenser is running slow OR not running at all, go to your electrical box and switch OFF your breaker to your AC for approximately 30 minutes. Then switch it back on. If after you have performed this simple re-set and neither the fan nor condenser is performing correctly, call us out to assist you: Tel 661 270 1961