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AC Dave Heating & Air was proud to be a sponsor of BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund, BBQ Fundraiser. Thank you to our sponsors who helped support us, Aquarium of the Pacific, In N Out, Green Valley Market, Spunky Cyn Market, Papa’s, Island Packers, Code 7 Ministries, and Dark Goddess Industries. Thank you to the community of the Lakes and Valleys, friends, and families that came out to help us raise funds for our charity. We raised over $1000.00!  Looking forward to seeing you next year!

Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 outbreak, our fundraiser for 2020 was canceled, however, we were able to raise $400.00 with a no-contact raffle. Prizes included In N Out, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, and Costco gift cards. Thank you for your support.

BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund BBQ Fundraiser Sponsors

Thank you for helping to make our event a success!

BBMS BBQ Fundraiser 2019
Code 7 Glenn Connell
Green Valley Market
Dark Goddess Ind.

BBMS BBQ Entertainment 2019
In N Out
Spunky Cyn Market Green Valley, CA
Aquarium of the Pacific
AC Dave
AC Dave

By AC Dave

AC Dave has been in the HVAC field for the past 40 years. AC Dave is involved in every aspect of every job. A C Dave Heating & Air was established in June of 2006. AC Dave wanted his company to be a reflection of all the great things he learned over the years working in the field from Customer satisfaction #1, to honesty and pride in his work.

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