Six Common Winter Furnace Problems

Winter is Here

Six Common Furnace Problems in the Winter

The dark and cold winter months don’t have to be miserable; it can be a great time of year just as long as you have a lovely warm home to return to. Your snug and cozy chamber can make the difference in winter, but it’s a different story if something goes wrong with your furnace. Here are six common furnace problems in the winter.

Only Blowing Cold Air

Blocked or filthy filters can cause some of the most common furnace problems in cold weather. Blocked filters impede the free flow of air; therefore, your furnace must work much harder. Not only is this bad economically, but it means your home will stay cold for longer. Make sure the filters are inspected regularly. Ideally, they should be cleaned or replaced every 1-3 months or during routine maintenance. If in doubt, consult one of our specialists at AC Dave Heating & Air, who can show you how to clean and replace your filters.

If your furnace is only blowing out cold air, it could also be a problem with your air ducts. They may be inefficiently insulated, leading to an uneven airflow, and need sealing.

Uneven Airflow

If some of the rooms in your home remain cold while others are adequately heated, an uneven airflow is likely due to the wrong system installed for your home, or the air ducts need attention. Inconsistencies in room temperatures could indicate insulation and draft problems, and that cold air is allowed in rather than a fault with your furnace itself. On the other hand, if there are no insulation issues, airflow may be the problem, and the vents may need adjusting. Consult a specialist at AC Dave Heating & Air to locate the problem.

Excessive Cycling

If your furnace switches on and off frequently, this could indicate a blocked filter, impeded airflow, or an inappropriate thermostat setting. It could also be a sign your house is leaking air.

Carbon Monoxide

This is potentially a severe issue. You must have a carbon monoxide detector fitted to safeguard against leakage. An old furnace may have developed minute cracks from which this lethal gas can get into your living space. If there is such a leek, consult a professional at AC Dave Heating & Air.

Loss of Power & Heat

This one is easy to spot in the depths of winter. Possibly a loss of power to the furnace, faulty pilot light, or ignition system could be the problem. Anything to do with broken pilot lights and ignition systems needs the help of an expert at AC Dave Heating & Air.

The furnace Won’t Turn On 

This could depend mainly on the age of your unit and how well it has been maintained. Check the thermostat is set appropriately to “heat” and the fan to “auto.” Check your circuit breaker to see if the circuit has tripped.

These are just six common furnace problems in the winter, and some are more serious than others. Call AC Dave Heating & Air (661) 270-1961 today to ensure your furnace is in perfect working order during winter.

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