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Money Saving Mondays

Money Saving Mondays – Part 1

Follow this mini-series, Money Saving Mondays, to find out what AC Dave Heating & Air recommends to do to save some money. What’s more, just a few simple things you can do to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your homes the warmer temperatures of the summer period arrive.

Money Saving Mondays tip #1

Adjust the Temperature

Furthermore, the smallest changes in temperature can greatly impact your home’s energy efficiency. Adjusting the temperature to 68 degrees or lower in the winter days and 78 degrees or higher in the summer, can help you use less energy, according to Energy.Gov

Money Saving Mondays Tip #2

Reduce sunlight in the summer

In addition, you could save money when you have natural sunlight in the winter months to help warm your home.  During the summer, you would want to draw your curtains closed or pull down your blinds to prevent that mid-day sun, according to CR (Consumer Report). Controlling the amount of sunlight coming in means your air conditioner or furnace won’t have to work as hard to make your home comfortable.

Money Saving Mondays Tip #3

Turn the water temp down

Adjust the temperature of your water heater. A temperature of 120 degrees is adequate for most homes. In addition, this prevents accidental scalding and also slows the build-up of minerals in your water heater tank.

Money Saving Mondays Tip #4

AC Dave Heating & Air would also suggest unplugging electronics when not in use. New technologies continue to invade American households. Most of us seldom remember to unplug or power them down. Furthermore, this can have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency, according to a blog written in  Also, unplugging rarely used appliances to decrease energy usage around the house. Unplugging electronics like charging devices for phones, tablets, and digital cameras can increase your energy efficiency.  Above all, using a power strip with an on/off switch makes it easy to decrease electricity use by powering off multiple electronics at once.

Money Saving Mondays Tip #5

Apply Energy Efficiency to your Appliances

Investing in Energy Efficiency appliances will save you on your electricity and gas bills. Your refrigerator is often the leading energy user among a home’s appliances. It is important that it operates efficiently.

  • Keep the door closed as often as possible.
  • Check the doors seal regularly
  • Adjust the temperature of your refrigerator

Furthermore, if your AC / Heating system is old. Call AC Dave Heating & Air and one of our technicians will come and assess the situation for you.  Is your system due for maintenance? Call today,  our office staff will schedule a maintenance appointment. In brief helps to keep your unit working at its optimal. Don’t leave it too long, as the hotter (or colder) it gets, the busier we get. Tel 661 270 1961


By AC Dave

AC Dave has been in the HVAC field for the past 40 years. AC Dave is involved in every aspect of every job. A C Dave Heating & Air was established in June of 2006. AC Dave wanted his company to be a reflection of all the great things he learned over the years working in the field from Customer satisfaction #1, to honesty and pride in his work.

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