AC Dave Heating & Air extends heartfelt gratitude

🌟 AC Dave Heating & Air extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund Hopeful Family Futures at Casa Gutierrez on October 1st, 2023! 🌟

We are honored to be a sponsor of Hopeful Family Futures

This important event which holds a special place in our hearts. The BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund is dedicated to celebrating the memory of Brianna Millard Smith. She was a beloved daughter who suffered from addiction and mental illness. Tragically, she was killed by a semi-truck in 2014 on why 138 near Llano, CA.

Brianna left behind a journal amid her struggles, a poignant testament to her love for her son, Daniel. She wrote in a moment of clarity, “I’m sorry I screwed up for so long! I hope that you can forgive me. All I want is to be your Mommy; I love you xoxoxo.”

Moved by Brianna’s words, Laurie Millard, Brianna’s mother, stepped up to raise Daniel. She provided him with unwavering love and dedication. Brianna was a very giving person who tried to help everyone she met. This has fueled Laurie’s mission to support families in recovery from addiction. Especially those starting over after leaving domestic violence situations.

Laurie understands children’s pain and confusion when addiction tears families apart. She is determined to ensure that no child ever has to ask the heartbreaking question, “Why was I not enough to keep them here?”

With the BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund

Laurie aims to provide resources, support, and hope to families on their journey to recovery. By coming together at the fundraiser, we have shown our commitment to this cause and our belief in the power of love and community.

Remember, “The road to success is always under construction” – “Lily Tomlin

Let us continue to uplift and empower those rebuilding their lives, offering them a chance at a brighter future.

Again, Thank you to everyone who attended the BBMS Happy Children Memorial Fund,  Hopeful Family Futures fundraiser. Also to AC Dave Heating & Air for their generous sponsorship. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where every child feels loved, supported, and cherished.

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By AC Dave

AC Dave has been in the HVAC field for the past 40 years. AC Dave is involved in every aspect of every job. A C Dave Heating & Air was established in June of 2006. AC Dave wanted his company to be a reflection of all the great things he learned over the years working in the field from Customer satisfaction #1, to honesty and pride in his work.

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